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Aura Corcio

Despite the fact that I studied Finance, life behind a desk was not for me. One day I decided to look for something that I was passionate about, and I found it in tourism.

So I began working in a travel agency first as an administrative assistant until my boss told me “Your area is customer service”. It was then how I started to make a career in this field.

We created a program called “Welcome to Panama”. A welcoming for wives of North American officers who came to live in Panama, in which we taught them customs, places and organized plans for them while they were in the country.

Once I became a mother, I decided to take a break and dedicate myself to my children. Years later I was presented with an opportunity in the world of real estate, serving foreign clients who came to discover new projects that were being developed in Perico Island at Causeway in Amador.

I organized their visits and took care of all the details during their stay.

“I have always enjoyed working in beautiful and inspiring locations. The ocean is where I most find a connection”

This was what caught the attention of one of the many foreigners I hosted. An Englishman who lives in Dubai and who had a luxury lodge for fishermen in Boca Chica, Chiriquí; one of the earthly paradises for fishing fanatics around the world.

He first asked me to help him with the logistics of his VIP clients and then as a replacement for his manager who had resigned, and so I became the permanent manager. Being able to show foreigners the beauties of my country, taking care of every detail before and during their stay so that it was perfect was and is something that I really love. There are hundreds of stories that I would love to tell you.

At the same time we decided to start a new family project. With my children already grown up attending university and living in Panama City, my husband and I decided to settle in Chame, in the so-called Pacific Riviera of Panama.

As part of the Verdeazul group

Today I am part of the VerdeAzul Group as part of an excellent team, working to help you solve your doubts and guide you in the adventure of finding the right property for your life in Panama.

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About Panama

“Panama has many things in the same place: weather, people, lifestyle, but the most important thing is that it is multicultural; there are people from all over the world. A person does not feel like a foreigner here, we are super “welcoming people”.
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